Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is Upma good for Diabetics

Upma is a traditional Indian dish prepared all over the country, Generally consumed as snack or for breakfast. Upma is prepared from Sooji ( semolina). Sooji itself is derived from wheat and high carbohydrate and calory content ( 75 gms of carbs per 100gms of semolina providing approx. 350 kcals of energy) single usual serving of upma is approx. 260 Kcals. But the biggest problems with foods made with semolina ( sooji) is their high glycemic index , such products are quickly absorbed into blood and result in quick and high peaks in blood glucose levels- this makes such foods undesirable for diabetics. Upma is often consumed with Nariyal chutney- which has high caloric value and is rich in saturated fats. Nariyal Chutney is therefore not recommended for diabetics.
One solution is making upma with soaked fenugreek seeds this decreases the absorption in blood and may prevent sudden blood glucose peaks. Here you can access this recipe for free. Dedicated to Diabetes care of Indians in India and all over theWorld


Ashoka Sen said...

Thanks for your advice on Suji. I take 1 teaspoon of soaked Fenugreek seeds, early in the morning, including drinking the Fenugreek water. Can non diabetics also take the above preparation on an empty stomach, is it a good thing to do.

Kit Carson said...

Semolina is actually a low glycemic index food, 44 on the glycemic index.